An Incantation for Lust - Part 1


"For you I unfold, uncurl and unwind,

with every intention and hope to find

the look of lust, the heat of fire,

the taste of sweat, the grasp of desire."

This piece (and two further pieces) will focus on experiences of Lust, through intertwined images and text. 

The texts will be brief - poetry inspired by TV Shows and Films I watched as a teenager, such as Charmed and The Craft. Poetry (particularly in Charmed) was involved in the creation of spells, which became an inspiration for this work as I thought about creating my own spell to invoke desire in someone else.

Charmed and The Craft are just two examples of the 90's pop culture that remind me of the heady, cliche and "teenage" feelings that often get associated with lust, which emerged unexpectedly through the creation of this image.

Ensemble Eve's contribution explores what she calls A Fragmented World through her collage work - creating images of places and creatures that reside in her own internal world. In there, characters and places that have often been repressed are allowed to emerge, be seen and be heard. Then, she creates a dialogue with each of these images and provides a brief narrative to accompany them. These images give her the opportunity to connect with very isolated fragments of myself and begin to reintegrate them (or at times, cast them out).

Ensemble Eve