editor's note: minor changes

As some of you may have noticed and a few of you have pointed out, Berry Mag has been going through a minor identity crisis as I myself have been trying to come up with a way to make our content more accessible and constant for all of you (and myself). Sadly, Desire has kind of suffered under my indecision and so I have decided to try something new out with the way we upload that allows not only more entries to the issue itself but also an increased availability of each piece within the issue as well.

Instead of uploading all on one night in a major burst I have decided that the works submitted to each issue will be published periodically online over the course of a month/month and a half. In addition to this, I will change the deadline to a rolling deadline that continues until the week before the end of that month in an effort to get more content as the rest of the theme unfurls. I think this will allow everyone’s work to have a moment, and will encourage each of you to check out the works not just as a whole but individually as well. Hopefully, this will give everyone’s art the time and focus it deserves.

Next, I hope that intermittently with this uploading schedule we can be promoting new off theme content as well that is consistent and incorporates more than one focus. I want to have Berry Mag be a place for illustrators, writers, photographers, and those in search of promoting an artistic project even if it doesn’t match our monthly focus. This includes opinion pieces, editorials, reviews, and general articles — Berry Mag should be a platform for everyone.

Thank you for bearing with me and my erratic uploading and lack of schedule lately but I think this will help make everything better! I look forward to starting this and cannot wait to hear what you all think :o)

With all the love,

Trinity Lester