Illustration by Renata Del Riego



This is what I’ll tell my children


I will say that it is okay to cry

about death, about love

about the simple way a smile

can change you


I will not shame them

erase their tears

use the old way of stoicism

they will not  



I will whisper the tales of

a crying woman

how she cries for eternity

they will not

but they could cry forever

if they wish to  


I will tell my weeping children

Their tears are so powerful

We’ve made monsters out of them


With this poem, I wanted to explore the Latinx/ethnicity culture and an interesting dichotomy when it comes to crying. We are taught not to cry, that showing emotion is improper. At the same time our biggest legend is "La Llorona" which literally translates to "The Crying Woman." To tie into the theme of empathy, I also wanted to explore my own feelings towards the act of crying. This poem is about accepting that crying is natural, powerful, and shouldn't be hidden. It is okay to cry, and no one should be shamed for doing it.

Kelly Duarte