Info Bubble

The piece was made in response to the rise of political discourse on social media in the U.S. after the 2016 election. Empathy arises in this work not through what it is depicting but rather in what the shadowy caricature asks for. The words that cascade down the figure are an omission of guilt for following a crowd mentality, unfollowing unpopular opinions, and simply repeating vague statements that align with the latest trends. The guilt is a wave of hidden empathy in and of itself. This empathy is directed to the voices that may have been ignored by “her” out of fear of embarking on nuanced subjects and potential discourse.

Alyssa Freitas is an interdisciplinary artist currently living Portland, Maine. She has received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture at Maine College of Art in 2016. Her construction of space explores the influx of digital culture into contemporary life. Her work has been shown in various venues ranging from Minecraft, Falu Fängelse, to a former jail in Falun, Sweden. Recently, her video productions have been on view at Space Gallery in Portland, Maine.



Alyssa Freitas