There is a world beyond ours that we cannot see but we can feel. I believe the we all our connected through frequencies. Each vibration affects another. I rely on my intuition and third eye to guide me through the process. I paint with my emotions, my hands are only a tool. A medium. Each color and stroke is  done with love and intention.


My inspiration stems from deep within. As a refugee child from the Soviet Union, I have grown up in Los Angeles. My constant search of identity will always be my drive. When I close my eyes I see colors and shapes floating, blending. Telling me a story, showing me a road map. I believe all work is experimental. I also don’t believe in accidents; just always trying to find a way to purge this compulsion to create.


I begin my process with deep meditation. Music guides my hand as I begin to face my fears, as I touch my brush to the canvas I feel an overwhelming sense of love. My heart beats faster and I know I am home.

Sarah Svetlana