Editor's Note - empathy: the art of feeling

Over the course of history, the artists who incorporate feelings and emotions into their work have made some of the most powerful, awe-inspiring pieces. Through communicating their own feelings, artists provide a meaningful outlet that allows people to relate and connect with their own emotions. This profound exchange is intimate and increasingly important to art and life as we grow personally and as a society.


“empathy: the art of feeling” has found this profundity in the 22 works included in our first issue. We have received many amazing pieces, including paintings, prints, drawings, short stories, poems, video, photography, and music. As a collection, these works contribute to our theme of empathy; they show the creator in their best and worst times, they play with themes of intimacy and fear, and they tell stories of using art to heal.


The work we have received and the amazing contributors that have opened themselves up have completely blown me away. I was nervous that we would not be able to get ourselves off the ground, but luckily my anxieties were absolved quickly by the beautiful influx of works from all of you!


This theme in particular is so important to me, and I am so glad that many of you share the same sentiment. I believe that the concept of empathy is essential to achieving contentment and happiness, it connects us all in a way that delves beyond the surface and allows us to explore one another. Going forward, empathy will be embedded in the foundation of Berry Mag and incorporated into all of our content. Therefore, this theme is the perfect way to kick off our magazine and begin our journey as a positive and supportive force in the creative community.  

Photo by Donna Lester of my cat Gemma

Photo by Donna Lester of my cat Gemma

I would like to first thank my friends who pushed me to finally get the ball rolling on this project. Without you this was just an idea, another passion project sitting on my mental shelf, but with your help, love, and support it became a reality and I am so lucky to know you all. Next, I would like to thank my family for making me the empathetic person I am today and teaching me how to love the emotions of others as well as myself. Lastly, the largest of thanks must be given to the artists, writers, musicians, and creators that submitted to this first issue. Without you all this would never have been able to be such a success.


With all of the love in my heart,

Trinity Lester