Biography of a Dress

cornmeal guts_.jpg

"I did not know then (though I know now) that there was such a thing as an inside to anybody, and that this inside would have a color, and that if the insides were the same shade of yellow as the yellow of boiled cornmeal my mother would want me to know about it."

This piece is inspired by a short story written by Jamaica Kincaid called "Biography of a Dress." Kincaid gives us an unusual autobiography of her mother, reflecting on her childhood, through the description of this yellow dress she wore on her second birthday. She renders the relationship between a mother and daughter so poetically, while also touching upon themes of identity, colonialism, and memory among many more. Read the full story here. 

Artist Ambar Velasco will be submitting a new piece each week that draws inspiration from a short story that she has encountered. Specifically, she is drawn toward works from the genre of magical-realism and explores these themes in her own practice. 

Ambar Velasco