Amnesia is a piece of music I wrote a few years ago, and it was pretty close to my heart when I first finished working on it. There are a lot of themes running through it, at the heart of which are the ideas that nothing is permanent, change is cyclical, everything arises out of nothing and eventually ends up in nothing.

I originally started working on this music in 2013-14 which was personally a chaotic time for me. I had been working for close to two years as a full-time synth player in a progressive rock band only to be ousted from it due to ‘creative differences’ and it devastated me. My only choice was to try and find peace writing this music, which combined themes and motifs from seven unreleased songs. It helped me to cope and to move on from that time and into a better place.

I can relate this track to the theme of ‘being grounded’ primarily because it was written in anger at the inability of my hard work to come to fruition, and writing this music helped me to stay grounded in life so that I didn’t harbor unreal expectations of people. There are nature sounds all through the track in the background, which adds to the aura of trying to find peace. The complete version of the artwork for the track is supposed to resemble a root and a tree, which I feel comes back to the theme of nature and being grounded

Antriksh Bali