(latin: wind/spirit/breath of life)

I open the door to say “good morning,”
And the trees wave back at me.
The sky is brilliant.
I can hardly describe it:
the way I feel,
the wind in my lungs,
the hue of my thoughts,
It’s aerial, azure
like the radiance above.

Thoughts, scrambled -
tripping over each other,
like you and I.
Is there anybody out there?
Someone else who feels this wind
As the fluttering vigor of life.
Questions follow me, blazing,
down the trail, down your hallways
Am I wasting my time?
Will I regret these days -
Will I regret my movements,
spinning through this universe?

So. The wind slips around me,
wanders by.
Now, on this concrete stretch, it is only me
and this odd sense of peace,
Besides the trees, flashing on both sides,
And the open, sloping road above - the radiant sky.

Sarah Faith Soltis