April 18th


Early morning and I am up again,
The sunlight beams into my eyes,
“What will make my day today?”
As I drift off from fantasy, to real life.

Sitting on a hill, with little time to kill,
With a friend who I’m not entirely close to.
We discuss life’s dilemmas and problems,
“I think the world is going to end soon.”

Feeling calm and at true peace,
She puts her hand on my shoulder,
“If the world does come to an end,
Your soul is not entirely over.”

“You’ll be within the air, the trees, and in loved ones hearts,
A memory your friends and family will be truly fond of.”
A grin is now on my once fearful face,
I shed a single tear of relief.
I go back home and lay in my bed,
And dream about a universe at peace.

Kayla Eli
Photo by Miel Photography (