Frolicking in the Flowers — Playlist


A field of flowers stretches in front of you, far behind your eye's sight — you want to run to its end. You want to frolic through the flowers because they make you feel at peace. You feel at one with nature. You are surrounded my sweet smells and honey bees. The ground seems to conform to your every step. The stems stand high, welcoming your happiness. Here, in this moment, you are happy. Your world is content. You are grounded.

This work relates to theme because it gives the listener a feeling of contentment. There are certain moments in life where it seems as though nothing can go wrong. All hurt and anger are forgotten, and for a moment, the world becomes surreal. Humanity is grounded in comfort and happiness. I try to bookend my days with happiness. I find who I am through my emotions. This work reflects my observation that I am most grounded in the moments that make me realize that life isn't really that bad.

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