the sound of anger//gift yourself flowers

i took out the pot for the communal soup.
flipped it over & started to beat it. millions gathered ‘round me. your anger is justified, i sang. millions swayed. millions started flirting with the dirt. millions double-scooped clouds right into their mouths.

the sound of anger

was never given flowers
so i dug my hands
into the dirt
& felt for roots

diamonds congregated
under my nails
as i tugged

decorated my bosom
with muddy lollipops
spent the day
spellbound by
saccharine perfume

gift yourself flowers

i wrote the first piece, because too often anger is demonized. anger can be grounding. it can give you purpose & prompt change.

self-care is of utmost importance, & that’s the inspiration behind the second piece. giving yourself metaphorical flowers should be a daily practice.

Magda Ayuk