By anthropomorphizing animals and placing them in vulnerable, human-like positions, I encourage a connection between viewer and subject. Through suspending the subject in moments of tension, I subtly push feelings of discomfort, apathy, aggression, or fear on the viewer. This encourages one to question the level of understanding possessed by animals and their potential role in society.

 As our society progresses, so does our relationship with animals. Due to industrialization, our connections with other species have drastically diminished. My interest lies in the roles played by animals, which are often overlooked and mistreated. These works encourage a reconnection between people, animals, and foster a sense of social responsibility.

We need animals and a connection to the earth to ground us as humans. It is my hope that these illustrations will draw in the audience and encourage them to empathize with the animal subject and to find peace in themselves and their place in the world. We must do more for the environment and ourselves to remain truly grounded.

Alexander Landerman