Editor's Note: Red


For me, red is the color of the harsh summer heat pressing down on my back and then the resulting color of my skin after the silly mistake of staying out too long. It is the color of the bed that helped Max, my dog and childhood best friend, feel comfortable last May. The bed that he stayed in for days until finally letting himself feel his final breath. Red is the color of the strawberries that littered my childhood, picking them in middle school, throwing them at my friends, and taking them into my mouth, to be met with the bittersweet flavor of my small, sometimes silly hometown.

Red can mean a lot of things: love, pain, loss, nostalgia, and acceptance. It is the longest of wavelengths and the strongest of colors. Red’s strength is clear in this issue and was present in every person’s work whether the submission made it into the final cut or not.

When announcing the theme of Red, I was unsure of how it would be received. Asking people to take something so conceptual and visual and then turn it into a mode of expression or a statement on human emotion seemed like a hefty demand. Yet, once again, I was astounded by the creative power and reach of the Berry Mag community.

Unlike the last two topics, this one has proven to be overwhelmingly visual, with dozens of submissions in both visual arts and photography. The selection process was difficult but the resulting body of works capture a complete image of what red means to so many wonderful creatives. The writing in this issue is filled with an unmatched display of emotion. It is clear that the color red has sparked something deep in the hearts of these writers who are emotive and unafraid to share how they feel. This display of feeling through the mode of my publication has given me so much pure joy, as I have learned that even with something so conceptual many of you feel safe and inspired to share with us your emotions. This is what Berry Mag is all about and is a great way to set the stage for the unfolding of the following color issues over the next few years.

I would like to take a moment to thank once again all of the artists who have submitted to this issue. Some of you new and others returning, I really appreciate your contribution and support of Berry Mag. To my friends, thank you once again for helping Berry Mag be the best that it can be, I feel your love and support everyday and it is something that I cannot imagine a day without, you give me life. Specifically, I would like to thank the rose of a woman Renata Del Riego for coming up with this wonderful concept and helping me to understand the power of colors in this sometimes monochrome life.

With love as always,

Trinity Lester