"Is it passion or anger that fuels one to steal? Is it purely out of necessity? Ask Walter Smith, arrested on multiple accounts of theft and breaking and entering. No blood on his hands, in 1924 thieves looked towards easier cash-outs, your blinds, clothes, that new hat. Do you think as they took his mugshot he felt remorse, or just saw red?"

This painting was originally sketched in charcoal and filled in using the colors red and blue. I’ve made sure to include red in all of my paintings over the past few years, we humans have a strong connection to the color. It’s the color of our blood, our lipstick, our food, it even makes an appearance on the majority of the worlds flags. Our minds respond to it subconsciously as it symbolizes our internal feelings as well covering the spectrum of feelings from love to extreme anger. Where would we be without red?

Mike Oncley