"I'll no longer look ahead blindly, hidden behind the face of fear. I want to shed my skin and reveal a new truth - a path once hidden within flesh, obscured by stone and shame.

I'll no longer drag myself onward - I want to learn to fly, to raise myself through desire and feel freedom. The fingers that once clung to me are starting to lose their grasp, and for the first time in this world I feel alive."

Ensemble Eve's contribution explores what she calls A Fragmented World through her collage work - creating images of places and creatures that reside in her own internal world. In there, characters and places that have often been repressed are allowed to emerge, be seen and be heard. Then, she creates a dialogue with each of these images and provides a brief narrative to accompany them. These images give her the opportunity to connect with very isolated fragments of myself and begin to reintegrate them (or at times, cast them out).

Ensemble Eve