Snow Day


Baleigh Ann Kuhar often found herself existing as an outsider to the ideal American childhood while growing up. From birth until her later adolescent years she experienced flu-like symptoms due to her yet to be diagnosed genetic disorder EoE and Asthma. Being the girl who is constantly ill caused Kuhar to have to grow up quickly and think about the impact of her sickness not only on her long term health and future but also on her family’s finances and emotional health.

In her series of removed portraits Kuhar explores her less than perfect childhood. The phototransfer of a snow day in Akron, Ohio in 2002, layered with pink paint and pencil reimagines her memory creating a delightfully whimsical image. The work endeavors to bring wonder back to childhood memories tainted by illness, allowing the artist and viewer to experience the innocent wonder and imagination of childhood memories.

Baleigh Kuhar