Innocence is Not Ignorance


I believe innocence is not an absence of worldly knowledge, but rather to always see with the eyes of a child. It is an ability to go into the darkest of places and find that perhaps there are flowers growing there. To look without judgement at the people and things about you and refuse to label them “corrupt” against “pure”. It is quite simply to go into the world as our inner child, with pure curiosity and no fear. To exist as the brightest shades of spring green for as long as possible and enjoy every moment. It is not something to be gained or lost by experience, or lack thereof, it is a cycle of seasons, of losing then finding yourself again and again. It is a selfless, endless process of being open to the world and it opening up to you. Innocence is not a synonym for ignorance, and it is not simply purity either, it is the ability to perceive the world around you as pure.