My Innocence


Innocence is a flame
It either leaves you ready to run
Or it leaves you in a trance of pure fascination
Innocence is a burden
Constantly unknowingly protecting it
Or trying to banish the compliment
Innocence brought us nothing but troubles
You complimented my innocence at first
But it became too much to carry
You wanted nothing but to tear it away from me
You left a ruined edge
You created false pride in my heart, one of many false things
You left because of my innocence
you left a thick fog of confusion
But I’m finding my way
Leaving my innocence crumpled
On the ground behind me

I am always the last girl in my group of friends to do things with boys, still haven’t had my first kiss, haven’t had a serious relationship, haven’t really grown in that aspect of my life. This year I thought I found someone who would really be my first, my first everything. I developed feelings I never thought I would’ve, I had all these illusions, I thought he wanted to be my firsts, but he thought I was nothing but a child, he didn’t want me he wanted the title of being my firsts. After I had realized that I wanted out, I never wanted to see, hear, or even think about him again, but when you fall for someone things like getting over him are easier said than done. I tried to get rid of the bad energy, and I still find him wandering into my head sometimes, but this experience was one I think I needed. I needed to realize not everyone wants some girl who hasn’t done anything. He wasn’t what I wanted nor what I was looking for. While he might’ve not been the one who was right for me, there is someone out there who is exactly my type. Someone who wants me for who I am, cluelessness and all.

Alejandra Galdo

x x