She Hides//A combined interview of myself and someone i love

She Hides


An arsenal of coats
and sweaters, donkey’s
hair and rabbit foot,
gives her power makes

her soft and elite.
Soft like the flowers
of Hiroshima
or somewhere else

her father burned.


A combined interview of myself and someone I love


Someone told my mother to “make something.”

A stamp, a sock, the sound of someone
gummy, sticky, pink and red.

I began with a drive. It was warm.  
I was not alone and I felt

in no rush to get anywhere soon.
I did not remember my dreams.

Horses holding water cupped in their hands.
The sound of strawberries being trampled.

Someone told me to “be good”
but I am only myself.  

Maybe I’ll imagine my death
as a shoe falling off of a foot

A pale set of toes. Maybe
I’ll say thank you. I’ll say “long” and “skinny.”

Someone told me to “make something.”

"She Hides" is a poem that I wrote regarding the danger of "innocence." I believe that there is something violent in an identity of softness and that living as an "innocent" person may be ignoring the guilt we have inherited.

"A combined interview of myself and someone I love" is a poem regarding identity and creation. I think of my "self" as a combination of everyone that I know, making everyone my mother. This poem is taking the idea of innocence and stating that, perhaps, we are constantly being born and at the same time, constantly birthing those around us.

Bernadette Bridges