my body is not your body


We are taught that we are crazy because of our hormones. That we should blame our emotions on our bodies. Women’s health is far behind and limited to what is available. We are not given the means to stop and listen to our bodies. There is a rhythm to the changes and hormones that your body releases. The body knows what it needs and how to listen to itself. From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, many changes happen. During these times, others think it it’s okay to comment and view your body as an object. There is a desire to take back the control over our bodies. This series of work “my body is not your body” explores the changes the body goes through and the abilities it has.

I focus on the craft and techniques of working with textile. Researching techniques used to make clothing, I slightly abstract the silhouettes by pushing the abilities of the body onto what is worn. I have been sewing with tulle, which is a translucent fabric, and experimenting with the stitch through the lines and the shadows created by it. The shapes I use for this work are fluid like hands that are falling out of pockets made from my own patterns. My patterns explore the ideas of inside and outside of the body. They slowly become objects that have nurturing abilities but with familiar worn patterns.

Elizabeth Tolson