Independence, Glory Hole, and Schulte's Pelvimeter

Dominique Vitali (b.1968, Newark, NJ) is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in embroidery and stitched intaglio monoprints. While the work might speak to broader narratives, Dominique’s art focuses on her own journey as a woman, exploring sexuality, religion, and body image. Catholicism—its pageantry, its patriarchy, and the tightrope walk between madness and mysticism—has factored heavily into much of her imagery. The stories depicted are deeply personal and, filtered through the lens of a woman, inherently political. Her narratives explore existence as a female moving through life under male scrutiny, religious scrutiny, and scrutiny of self.

Dominique’s canvas of choice for her embroidered narratives is antique lingerie, with its inherently sexual, incredibly personal, pre-existing histories. She finds an interesting juxtaposition in telling her stories through a skill so entwined with feminine piety, all upon a canvas that is historically sexual in both its iconography (simultaneously enhancing and masking sexuality) as well as its proximity to the previous owner’s flesh. She finds it in many ways a perfect medium to interpret and explore her own physical and sexual existence within her female vessel. 

The attached images focus on personal desire, with Independence a piece created in defiance to Donald Trump's "grabbing her by the pussy" statement, focusing on masturbation as a way of claiming complete sexual independence. Glory Hole explores the juxtaposition of a chaste nightgown with a beautifully beaded focal point of a hole allowing intercourse/penetration, and Schulte's Pelvimeter with its strategically placed fingers.

Dominique Vitali
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