Berry Mag wants your submissions! All submissions should be sent to Please see submission guidelines and the upcoming issue's theme below and please reach out with any questions! We are also seeking pitches for sustained contributions and columnists, see below for more information.

The deadline for our Desire and Cycles issues are rolling! Desire will be coming to a close by the middle of March.

Columnists and contributions

A columnist is a writer who wishes to write and publish an essay, review, editorial, etc. as a one time submission that is off theme yet follows the style and mission of Berry Mag. Examples of column submissions can be found here and here.

Sustained contributors are artists and creatives with a long term project in mind with a running theme. All of the submissions include a piece of visual arts such as collage, drawing, or photography with a short artist’s statement to explain the work within the series. Writing sustained contributions are also encouraged and do not require a statement although they should be under a major theme. Examples of sustained contributions can be found here and here.

In order to submit for either of these categories please email with your thoughts and ideas. Please include in the subject line YourName Sustained Contribution or Columnist. In the email we would love to also know your preferred pronouns (they/he/she) and any social media we can find you on. We look forward to hearing from you!



Desire is a complex state of mind and being that has been experienced by each and every one of us for something, someone, or somewhere throughout our lives. For this issue, we want to know about your desires — how do they affect you? What are they and why do they manifest? Through your music, art, photography, film, and writing our fourth issue will compile a strong collection of work surrounding this concept that helps us all better understand not only ourselves and our desires but those of others as well.

Desire will be coming to a close by the middle of March.



The world moves in cycles, as new things move in and old things are pushed out the changing nature of the world and our lives can be a lot to process. In this issue, we hope to exhibit a body of work that shows how you come to terms with the cycles within and outside of your control. We are calling for your music, art, photography, film, and writing in order to exhibit this concept in however you see fit!

Submissions are open starting on March 15th and will be rolling until May 12th.

themed submission Guidelines

  1. When emailing in your work put in the subject line IssueName YourName TypeOfSubmission. For example, Grounded Issue Jane Doe Writing: Poetry.

  2. We accept art, photography, writing, and music submissions. We can also accept film and video submissions but for now they will be filed under the art category as video art!

  3. Include an artist's statement and title with all submissions. Can be anywhere from 1-3 paragraphs describing your work and what it means to you and how it relates to the given theme. This is easy and very important!

  4. Your work must follow the given theme. For example, the second issue is Grounded (see details above).

  5. Each creator is able to submit multiple works into our multiple categories. Submitting is free and you may submit as many times as you would like but there is a possibility that not all works will be featured in the issue so that there can be space for others! Please clarify if you would like to submit each work separately (into separate categories) or as one conglomerate piece within your email. You may also send multiple emails.

  6. Photo submissions and Art submissions should include 1-8 pieces. They should be cohesive and work together — also please feel free to include short captions with your works if you would like.

  7. We do accept personal writing styles and layouts but they will be subject to suggested editing. Our editing team is here to help you avoid grammatical errors and to have the best quality content as possible.

  8. All writing projects will have an illustration or photo paired with them. Please attach this to your submission if you would like to provide it. If you do not have anything you would like to submit we have illustrators and photographic content that can help provide and create content so that your piece has the enthralling visual element it deserves.

  9. For music or playlist submissions: please use Soundcloud for songs and Spotify for playlists. In the email you can send a link or share the public playlist with us.

  10. Most importantly, please remain in contact with us while we publish your piece! The most important part for us is that your work is shown in the way you want and that is accomplished through communication.

* In your email please specify your pronouns and include any social media platforms that we can follow you on. We suggest that you follow our social media (specifically our Instagram @berry.magazine) for any updates and/or changes to submission requirements or deadlines.*